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Homemade Gourmet Pops

Jarabe Gourmet Pops is a Mexican Pop-Bar based in the Washington Metropolitan Area that specializes in Mexican-style gourmet pops. Jarabe which means "syrup" in Spanish is an inspiration from my childhood upbringings of seeing my father sell paletas to make a living. With a modern touch, Jarabe hopes to showcase the best of Mexico and Latin America while recreating some of our childhood best sweets.  With over 50+ flavors to choose from, each of our unique flavors is selectively made to preserve the rich flavors of Latin America  and the Caribbean. Our flavors range from traditional Latin flavors like Horchata to our own unique blends like, Hibiscus Rosemary. We pride ourselves on having something to satisfy every palate, including those looking for vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, options.


Unique Flavors

Drawing from traditional Mexican and Latin American techniques our gourmet paletas and frozen treats are made with our signature homemade syrup (jarabe) and fresh and natural ingredients. Our pops are beautifully garnished real fruits and herbs you can actually see and taste. We have tangy, sweet, and even spicy options for all palates.